Attack of the Creeps

Attack of the Creeps 1.42

In this tower defense game defend your land from being overrun
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According to the experts, Attack of the Creeps is a tower defense game, and the objective is to stop a group of nasty creatures from invading your land. It was developed by Galago Games, and is an original game with a tense and thrilling gameplay.

You will see a number of creatures coming from the left side of the screen, trying to make their way up to your land. Your task is to stop them before they cross the line by strategically placing towers. The key of the game is in placing the correct towers, in the most convenient places, so that the creatures take longer to reach your land.

The first thing to do is to choose a map, after that, you start placing your towers in such a way that they can efficiently destroy the incoming creatures. There are six types of towers, each one with unique features, and an appropriate shoot for the different types of creeps. At the beginning of the game, you have a limited number of towers to place, but as long as you destroy the creatures, you will be receiving gold to buy more towers.

As for the creeps, they come in a variety of types, sizes and speeds, and with different levels of immunity. Some of them can even fly! So, before buying a tower, try to be aware of their features and prices so as to make the right choice.
The game is really tricky, and the increasing number of creatures will require from you a lot of skills and quick reflexes to shoot them and stop them before they attempt to cross. At the same time, it adds the game lots of tension, as action never stop.

With a minimalistic but effective interface and menacing music, Attack of the Creeps is a great game that definetely deserves a try.

Mariel Rearte
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